On your Deed Poll you declare that you will -

• Stop using your Current Name
• Use your New Name for everything, this includes Banking, Driving License and Passport
• Give authorisation for Organisations, Government Departments, Companies and People to Address you by your first name ( Basically meaning that you are saying to everyone that they can call you by your New Name)

A Deed Poll becomes a Legally Binding Document once it has been witnessed (Executed).  This basically means that you need to sign the Deed Poll in the correct places in-front of an Independent Witness.

How do you Witness a Deed Poll?

Once your Deed Poll has been signed by Yourself and Witnessed it's is legally Binding and should be accepted everywhere including the DVLA (Driving License), HM Passport Office, HMRC, Banks, Doctors, Dentist and any other Company or Organisation.

Did you just say "Should" be accepted?

Yes that’s correct, even if you do your Deed Poll yourself it should be accepted everywhere as long as it is in the correct format but in many cases they often decline Deed Polls either for being incorrectly written or for not being from a Deed Poll Company.

That the problem, more and more commonly banks, building societies, Schools and Doctors have often declined peoples Deed Polls because they have not been professionally drafted by many of the Deed Poll companies.

One of the main benefits of using our Adult, Child or Replacement Deed Poll services is that we Guarantee that every Deed Poll that has been drafted by out team of experienced paralegals, will be accepted.