Our advice though is to get your Deed Poll witnessed and any additional copies that you are going to send out witnessed as well and then send them out to your Bank, Building Society, the DVLA and the passport office.

If you send these out to one of the above and they accept your Deed Poll, you can then be certain that everything on your Deed Poll is correct. Then send out all of your additional witnessed copies to the other people and agencies that you need to notify and you can start using your new name.

To Summarise, only start using your new name once your Deed Poll has been accepted by one of the following -

- Bank
- Passport Office
- School / Doctors

That way you can be sure that it is correct and all legitimate.

Who do I have to notify?

To help remind you and refresh your memory of who it is important to notify as well as who it would be a good idea to notify, simply click on the following link -

Who should i Notify about my Change of Name?