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We Guarantee your Deed Poll will be Accepted
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We Guarantee Acceptance by UK Government, DVLA & HM Passport Office
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We Guarantee Acceptance by UK Government, DVLA & HM Passport Office
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Adult Deed Poll Service

Adult Deed Poll Service

Simplify Your Name Change – Our Adult Deed Poll Service Delivers Expertise and Ease
Ready to legally change your name in the UK? Our Adult Deed Poll service streamlines the process, ensuring a smooth transition to your new identity.  Begin your journey by completing our secure, .

What you'll receive:

Expertly Crafted Deed Poll: Our seasoned professionals meticulously draft your Deed Poll to meet all UK legal standards.

Certified Copies (Optional): Order as many as you need to seamlessly update your records across all organizations.

Clear, Comprehensive Guides: We break down the witnessing procedure and provide step-by-step instructions on who to notify about your name change.

Unwavering Guarantee: We Guarantee our Deed Polls will be Accepted by government agencies, banks, and all other essential UK organisations.
Adult Deed Poll Service
4.97 Average Rating
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Elaine Andrews
Purchased two child deed polls and certified copies just incase for my two children, was easy to order, came quickly and im really impressed with the quality, oh also best price i could find, all in all very pleased :D
Daniel Michaels
Very happy with everything really, was recommended by my father who used the same company. My sisters have now used this aswell.
Maggie Smith
Very easy to order, used my iPad, service was very quick and professional, I would certainly use them again, also support were very friendly.
Kimberly Park
Absolutely fantastic, now have a new name and a fresh start, was accepted by the Dvla and updated my passport, very chuffed.
Marcus Tillwearin
Contacted Deedpolls online, spoke with one of their team, talked me through how it all worked, ordered, received 2 days later, very impressed as didn't have to pay postage!
Mandy Apperly White
Fast and efficient, was updated every step of the way, Thank you.
Alexia Newfield
Really impressed with the level of service i received. Questions were answered promptly, i had updates when my Deed Poll was drafted, when it was sent out, so was more than happy to leave a review.
Jessica Watkins
Ordered their adult deed poll service and a decent amount of certified copies. Arrived the next day which was perfect, and they have been accepted everywhere i've tried, including my local bank (HSBC).
What is an Adult Deed Poll?

What is an Adult Deed Poll?

Understanding Adult Deed Polls: Your Key to a New Name
An Adult Deed Poll is the official document that empowers you to legally change your name in the UK. It serves as undeniable proof of your decision to adopt a new identity and relinquish your former name in all aspects of your life.

What Does an Adult Deed Poll Do?

Provides Irrefutable Evidence:

It acts as a legally binding declaration of your name change.

Ensures Universal Acceptance:
Government agencies, banks, the DVLA, HM Passport Office, and other institutions must recognise your new name.(See who accepts our Deed Polls)

Offers Peace of Mind: Rest easy knowing your name change is official and secure.
Certified Copies

Certified Copies

What is a Certified Copy and how many Certified Copies do I need to Order?
A Certified Copy of your Deed Poll is a copy, that we have certified as being a genuine copy of the Original Deed Poll that has been hand drafted by our experienced Paralegals.

We draft and certify each copy so that whoever you send your certified copy to will know that it is genuine and legal.

We recommend that you purchase at least 8 - 10 certified copies as it allows you to notify several companies and organisations of your change of name at the same time.
Certified Copies

How to Change Your Name by Deed Poll in the UK

Step 1: Begin Your UK Name Change – Secure Online Adult Deed Poll Application

Start your journey to a new identity with Deed Polls Online. Our easy-to-use online application takes just minutes to complete.

Your Privacy Matters:
Rest assured, 256-bit SSL encryption safeguards your sensitive information throughout the process.

Flexible Payment Options:
We accept Visa Debit/Credit, MasterCard, and AMEX for your convenience.

Exceptional Value from £18.99:
Get the professional support you need at a price that won't break the bank.

Instant Confirmation:
Upon submission, you'll receive confirmation via email and SMS for peace of mind.
Apply Online, it only takes 5 minutes
A silver laptop with the Deed Polls Online website on the display - Apply Online
A single Deed Poll document and several certified copies being drafted by a Qualified Paralegal smiling in a professional manner - Drafted by Experienced Paralegals

Step 2: Your Deed Poll Prepared with Precision – Guaranteed Acceptance

Entrust the legal aspects of your name change to our team of seasoned paralegals. They meticulously draft your Adult Deed Poll, ensuring it aligns perfectly with all UK legal requirements.

This focus on detail translates to guaranteed acceptance by crucial organisations like the DVLA, HM Passport Office, banks, and all other government agencies.

Leave the complexities to us. Our expertise allows you to focus on embracing your new identity, free from the stress of legal uncertainties.

Why Our Paralegals are the Ideal Choice:

Years of Experience:

Specialists in UK name change procedures.

Guaranteed Success:
We stand behind the validity of our Deed Polls.

Peace of Mind:
Relax knowing your name change is in expert hands.

Step 3: Quality Control for Confidence – Your Flawless Deed Poll

Before your Deed Poll reaches you, our dedicated quality control team subjects it to a rigorous multi-point review process. This meticulous approach eliminates the potential for errors, ensuring your document is legally sound and ready for official use across all institutions.

Our specialisation in UK name changes means we have an in-depth understanding of the specific requirements. Rest assured, your Deed Poll will adhere perfectly to legal standards, giving you absolute confidence in its validity.

Key Benefits of Our Quality Control Process:

Error Prevention:

Minimises the risk of delays or complications in your name change.

Expertise Matters:
Years of experience mean we catch what others might miss.

Peace of Mind:
Relax knowing your Deed Poll is accurate and ready to use.
A Deed Poll employee / qualified paralegal checking Deed Poll documents before being dispatched - Checked by Quality Control
A brown Deed Poll envelope arriving through the letterbox of a front door - You Receive Everything by Post

Step 4: Your Deed Poll and Support Resources Delivered

Securely receive your professionally crafted Deed Poll, any certified copies you've ordered, and our comprehensive, easy-to-follow guides directly to your doorstep via trusted Royal Mail delivery.

To ensure your name change process is as streamlined as possible, we offer complimentary standard delivery within the UK.  Need your documents in a hurry?  Upgrade to 1st Class or Recorded Delivery at checkout for expedited service.

We understand that name changes extend beyond borders. That's why we offer secure international shipping with tracking for our clients worldwide. No matter where you are, we're committed to making your name change journey as smooth as possible.

Key Benefits of Our Delivery and Resources:


Everything you need arrives together, saving you time and effort.

Our plain English guides simplify the process of updating your records.

Global Support:
We're here to assist with name changes, regardless of your location.

Step 5: Confidently Use Your Deed Poll – Our Guides Make It Easy

Navigating the practical aspects of your name change is simple with our clear, plain-English guides. We break down everything you need to know, from the witnessing process to step-by-step instructions on how to update your records with various organisations.

Feel supported throughout your journey. Our guides take the guesswork out of notifying the right parties.

We provide a comprehensive list covering essential government agencies, banks, employers, and all other relevant entities.

Key Benefits of Our Guides:

No Confusion:

Eliminates uncertainty and ensures a smooth process

Streamlines the process of updating your records

Peace of Mind:
Knowing you've notified everyone required
An illustration of a character woman reading a Deed Poll Guides - Read our easy to follow guides
Witness (execute) your Deed Poll(s) - An Illustration of a person signing ( executing ) a Deed Poll

Step 6: Witnessing Made Easy – We Guide You at Every Step

Witnessing your Deed Poll is a crucial step in making your name change official. Our dedicated "How to Witness Your Deed Poll" guide removes any potential stress by providing clear, easy-to-follow instructions.Need more support?  

Our comprehensive FAQ section offers answers to common questions, ensuring you feel informed and confident.  Remember, we're here for you throughout your entire name change journey.

Key Benefits of Our Witnessing Support:

Stress-Free Process:

Detailed instructions turn a potentially daunting task into a simple one.

FAQs for Clarity:
Anticipates your questions and provides straightforward answers.

Ongoing Support:
Never feel alone – we're your go-to resource for any concerns.

Step 7: Streamline Record Updates – We Simplify the Process

Updating your records after your name change can seem overwhelming. That's why we provide tools to make it a breeze! Our "Who to Notify" guide clearly identifies all relevant organisations you'll need to contact.Save valuable time with our ready-to-use sample cover letter.  

Effectively communicate your name change with a professionally formatted template, giving you one less thing to worry about.Need additional guidance?

Refer to our exhaustive guide for a complete breakdown of who to notify.

Key Benefits of Our Record Update Support:


Swiftly identify who to contact, eliminating endless searches.

Our sample letter ensures your communications look polished.

Rest assured you haven't overlooked any important entities.
Legally change your name today
Illustration of a Deed Polls Online staff member posting Deed Poll documents in a Red Royal Mail Letterbox
Professionally Drafted
Professionally Drafted
Compare our Services
Compare our Services
To legally change your name by Deed Poll, all you need to do is click on the button below, spend 3 minutes completing our secure checkout and that's it, you will receive everything withing 1 - 2 days.

Additional Information about Adult Deed Polls

Experience Effortless Name Changes: The Benefits of a Professional Deed Poll Service

Opting for a dedicated Adult Deed Poll service offers a multitude of advantages over attempting to create your own Deed Poll. Here's why choosing a trusted provider simplifies your name change journey:

Expertise & Legal Compliance

Meticulous Professionals:

Experienced teams intimately understand the complexities of UK name change requirements. They ensure your Deed Poll is drafted flawlessly, eliminating any risk of rejection due to errors.

Up-to-Date Knowledge:
Reputable services stay current with evolving legal standards, guaranteeing your Deed Poll remains valid.

Convenience & Time Savings

Streamlined Process:

From initial application to receiving your documents, everything is designed for efficiency. Save yourself hours of research and potential missteps.

Clear Guidance:
Well-written instructions remove guesswork. You'll know exactly how to use your Deed Poll and who to notify about your name change.

Stress Reduction & Peace of Mind

Eliminate Worry:

Your Deed Poll's validity is never in question, allowing you to focus on embracing your new identity rather than fretting over paperwork.

Ongoing Support:
Many providers offer resources and support beyond just the Deed Poll, helping you navigate the process from start to finish.

Guarantees for Absolute Confidence

Universal Acceptance:

Reliable services guarantee that your Deed Poll will be recognized by the DVLA, HM Passport Office, banks, government agencies, and other essential institutions.

Revisions if Needed:
Many services offer free revisions in the unlikely event any corrections are necessary.

Fast Turnaround:

Expect a timely preparation of your Deed Poll, allowing you to begin updating your records quickly.

Additional Perks

Competitive Pricing:

Professional services often provide excellent value compared to costly solicitors.

Certified Copies: Easily order the number of certified copies you'll need for a smooth update process.

Is an Adult Deed Poll Right for You? Common Reasons for a Name Change

There are countless personal and practical motivations for wanting to change your name. If you're considering it, an Adult Deed Poll is the official way to make it happen in the UK for anyone over the age of 16.

Here are some common scenarios where an Adult Deed Poll is the solution:

Embracing Your True SelfIdentity Alignment:
Your given name might no longer resonate with who you are or how you wish to be perceived.

Gender Transition:
An Adult Deed Poll is an important step in aligning your legal identity with your gender expression.

Reclaiming Your Name:
Perhaps you wish to shed a name associated with a difficult past or reclaim a family name.

Practical Considerations

Simplifying Pronunciation:

Choosing a name that's easier for others to pronounce can streamline daily interactions.

Marriage or Divorce:

You may want to adopt your spouse's name, revert to a previous name, or create a new identity after a separation.

Professional Reasons:

A more memorable or impactful name might serve you better in certain careers.

Protecting YourselfEscaping Abuse:
A new name can help you create distance from a harmful situation and start fresh.

Privacy Concerns: Limiting online traceability might be a reason to choose a new identity.

Other Motivations

Disliking Your Given Name:

Sometimes, you simply don't like your birth name and want a change.

Cultural or Religious Reasons:
Life changes may prompt the adoption of a new name with significant meaning.

Honoring Your Heritage:

You may want to incorporate a name that reflects your ancestry.

Important Note: Regardless of your reasons, an Adult Deed Poll is the legally recognised way to formalise your name change in the UK.

How to Change Your Name in the UK with an Adult Deed Poll: A Step-by-Step Guide

Changing your name using an Adult Deed Poll in the UK involves a structured process. While straightforward, it's essential to follow the steps meticulously to ensure a smooth transition and universal acceptance of your new name. Here's a breakdown of the key stages:

1. Choosing Your New Name

Your first step is a deeply personal one. Carefully consider the name that best represents your identity or the reasons behind your change.  Ensure it's free from potential trademark infringements or any intent to defraud.

2. Applying for Your Deed Poll

Select a reputable Adult Deed Poll service like Deed Polls Online. Our secure online application takes minutes to complete. Provide your current details, chosen new name, and any additional required information.

3. Drafting and Receiving Your Deed Poll

Once you've submitted your application and payment, experienced professionals will meticulously draft your Adult Deed Poll.  Ensure it adheres to all UK legal requirements for guaranteed acceptance. Expect delivery by post within a few working days, along with any certified copies you ordered.

4. Witnessing Your Deed Poll

You'll need two witnesses over 18, who are not related to you and don't live at the same address, to sign your Deed Poll in your presence. This act formally declares your commitment to changing your name. Check resources provided by your chosen service for detailed witnessing instructions.

5. Notifying Relevant Organisations

With your witnessed Deed Poll, begin notifying essential organisations about your name change. This includes banks, government agencies like the DVLA and HM Passport Office, employers, utility companies, and others.  Deed Poll services often provide guidance and even sample letters to streamline this process.

Important Considerations

Official Name Changes:

An Adult Deed Poll allows you to legally change your name for most purposes. There are specific procedures for updates to birth certificates and gender recognition certificates.

Reputable Deed Poll services guarantee acceptance by major institutions.

Choose a service that offers clear instructions and resources to guide you through the entire process.

Changing your name can feel overwhelming at first. However, by following the steps outlined above and partnering with a professional Deed Poll service, you'll navigate this process with confidence. Rest assured that your new name will soon be recognised in all aspects of your life.

How Much Does a UK Deed Poll Cost?  Your Name Change, Our Expertise – From Just £18.99

At Deed Polls Online, we understand that embarking on your name change journey comes with practical considerations, including the cost.  Let's dive into the details, so you can make informed decisions and experience a smooth transition to your new name.

What We Offer: Essential Name Change Solutions

Professionally Drafted Adult Deed Poll:

Our starting price of just £18.99 gives you a meticulously crafted Deed Poll. Our experienced legal professionals ensure it meets all UK requirements for guaranteed acceptance.

Certified Copies:

These official duplicates are crucial when updating your records with government agencies, banks, and more. We offer convenient bundles, so you only order the number you need.

Unmatched Guidance:

Our comprehensive support sets us apart. Receive detailed instructions on witnessing your Deed Poll, step-by-step explanations on who to notify, and even sample letters to streamline your communications.

Factors to ConsiderUnbeatable Value:

While some services may seem slightly cheaper, they often lack our guarantees of acceptance or extensive support. Factor in the peace of mind we provide!

The Risk of DIY:

Drafting your own Deed Poll increases the chance of errors. This can lead to costly rejections, making a professional service the smarter long-term investment.

Time is Precious:

The time you'd spend researching how to create your own Deed Poll and navigating potential pitfalls could be better spent embracing your new identity. We handle the complexities for you.

Our Commitment: Transparency & Expertise

We believe in upfront pricing and exceptional service:

No Hidden Fees:

Know exactly what you'll pay, including the cost of any certified copies.

Speed Options:

Need your Deed Poll urgently? We offer express preparation for a reasonable additional fee.

Dedicated Support:

If you have questions, our helpful team is here to assist you at every step.

Why Entrust Us with Your Name Change?

Years of UK Expertise:

Our proven track record means your Deed Poll is in experienced hands.

Stress-Free Process:

Let us take care of the legal aspects while you focus on your exciting new chapter.

Exceptional Value:

Get professional quality and ongoing support at competitive prices.

Your Deed Poll, Delivered with Care and Convenience

At Deed Polls Online, we understand the importance of timely and secure delivery for your name change process. That's why we offer several reliable options to suit your needs, ensuring your professionally drafted Deed Poll and certified copies (if ordered)  reach you safely.

Our Standard: Free and Efficient

Royal Mail 2nd Class:

Our complimentary standard delivery utilises the trusted Royal Mail network for a balance of affordability and timely service.

Same-Day Dispatch:

Rest assured, all orders are meticulously drafted and dispatched the same working day, ensuring your name change journey begins without unnecessary delay.

Upgrade for Added Speed or Assurance

Royal Mail 1st Class:

For a slight additional fee, upgrade to 1st Class delivery for potential faster arrival times.

Recorded Delivery:

Choose Recorded Delivery for extra peace of mind with tracking and signature confirmation.

Why Royal Mail?

Nationwide Reach:

Royal Mail's extensive network ensures delivery throughout the UK, regardless of your location.


We trust Royal Mail's proven track record of delivering important documents safely and securely.

Commitment to You:

We want to keep delivery costs reasonable while providing options to meet your individual needs.

Additional Considerations

International Shipping:

If you reside outside the UK, we offer secure international shipping options with tracking for your convenience.

Delivery Times:

While we dispatch orders promptly, external factors can occasionally affect delivery speeds. Please refer to Royal Mail's estimates for the service you select.

Your Name Change, Our Priority

From drafting your Deed Poll with expertise to ensuring it reaches you with the care it deserves, every step matters to us.  Choose the delivery method that best suits your requirements, and let your new identity journey begin!

Why Choose Us: Expertise Matters – Your UK Name Change in Safe Hands

When embarking on something as significant as legally changing your name in the UK, you deserve the peace of mind that comes from partnering with seasoned professionals.

At Deed Polls Online, we're not just a Deed Poll provider – we're your guide to a seamless and successful name change process.  Here's why our expertise sets us apart:

Years of Dedicated UK Name Change Experience

We don't dabble in Deed Polls as a side service. Our team specialises in UK name change procedures, possessing a deep understanding of the specific legal requirements and evolving best practices. This means your Adult Deed Poll is meticulously drafted to not only meet current standards but to remain valid for years to come.

Eliminating Risks, Embracing Confidence

Attempting to create your own Deed Poll, or relying on inexperienced providers, leaves room for costly mistakes.  A seemingly minor error can lead to rejection by government agencies, banks, and other crucial organisations. When you choose Deed Polls Online, our qualified paralegals meticulously review every document, ensuring it's legally sound and ready for official use.

Invest in Peace of Mind: Choose Deed Polls Online for Your Official UK Name Change

Beyond the Deed Poll:  Start-to-Finish Support

True expertise doesn't stop at handing you a document. We believe in empowering you with the  knowledge you need for a smooth transition. With our comprehensive guides, we walk you through the witnessing process, explain how to update your records, and even provide resources like sample notification letters.  

Our mission is to simplify the entire name change experience, not just one small part of it.

What Our Expertise Means for You

Guaranteed Acceptance:

We stand behind our work. Your Deed Poll will be recognised by the DVLA, HM Passport Office, banks, government agencies, and other essential UK institutions.

Stress Reduction:

Knowing your Deed Poll is flawless and the process is clear removes potential anxieties.

Time Saved:

Avoid endless research or back-and-forth revisions due to errors.

Focus on Your New Identity:

Let us handle the complexities so you can embrace the excitement of your new name.

Invest in Peace of Mind: Choose Deed Polls Online for Your Official UK Name Change

Guaranteed Acceptance: Your Deed Poll, Universally Recognised in the UK

At Deed Polls Online, we understand that the success of your name change hinges on the widespread acceptance of your Adult Deed Poll. That's why we guarantee that the documents we meticulously draft will be recognised for all official purposes across the UK.

Essential Government Agencies

Rest assured knowing our Deed Polls are consistently accepted by crucial government bodies, including:

DVLA: Update your driving licence and vehicle registrations without issue.

HM Passport Office: Obtain a passport reflecting your new name.

HMRC: Ensure your tax records and National Insurance information are aligned with your new identity.

DWP: Notify the Department for Work and Pensions to update benefits and any relevant records.

Local Councils: Update electoral rolls, council tax information, and other local services.

Financial Institutions

Your Deed Poll will be honored by all major UK banks and building societies. This allows you to:

Open New Accounts: Establish accounts in your new name.

Update Existing Accounts: Seamlessly transition your existing accounts to reflect your new identity.

Secure Credit Cards & Loans: Apply for financial products under your chosen name.

Beyond the Essentials

Our guarantee extends to countless other organisations where your name is registered:

Employers: Update your payroll information and any relevant HR records.

Utility Providers: Ensure your gas, electricity, water, and other utility bills are in your new name.

Healthcare Providers: Notify your GP and any specialists to update your medical records.

Educational Institutions: Update student records or professional qualifications to reflect your new name.

Insurance Companies: Adjust your home, car, or life insurance policies.

Subscription Services: Update accounts for streaming services, memberships, and similar platforms.

Why Our Deed Polls Are Always Accepted

Meticulous Drafting:

Our experienced paralegals ensure every Deed Poll adheres to the strictest UK legal standards.

Ongoing Expertise:

We stay abreast of any changes in requirements, guaranteeing your Deed Poll remains valid.

Stakeholder Confidence: Our reputation for reliable Deed Polls means organisations throughout the UK trust our documents.

Unwavering Guarantee:  Our Commitment to Your Name Change Journey

In the unlikely event that any organisation questions the validity of your Deed Poll, we'll work with you to swiftly resolve the issue. Our goal is for you to never experience an obstacle to your new name being universally accepted.

Experience the difference with Deed Polls Online.  Embrace your new identity with the confidence of guaranteed acceptance.

Customer Reviews: Your Satisfaction, Our Driving Force

At Deed Polls Online, we're committed to making your name change as smooth and stress-free as possible. That's why we're incredibly proud to showcase our excellent customer reviews on trusted platforms like Reviews.co.uk.

Exceeding Expectations:

What Our Customers Say

Exceptional Ratings:

Our glowing 4.97 average rating on Reviews.co.uk (and similar scores on other platforms ) speaks volumes about the positive experiences of those we've served.

Thousands of Satisfied Customers:

Our thousands of reviews demonstrate a consistent track record of providing exceptional support throughout the name change process.

Beyond the Deed Poll:

Customers frequently praise aspects like:

Clear, efficient communication
Knowledgeable guidance.
Fast delivery times
Confidence that their Deed Poll will be accepted.

Why Customer Feedback Matters to Us

Proof of our Promises:

Positive reviews aren't just a source of pride; they validate our commitment to expertise and seamless name change experiences.

Continuous Improvement:

We listen carefully to feedback. It helps us identify where we excel and areas where we can do even better.

Building Trust:

Sharing genuine experiences helps potential customers feel confident in choosing Deed Polls Online.

What Does This Mean for You?

When you partner with us, you're not just choosing a service – you're joining a community of individuals who've had successful, stress-reduced name change journeys.  Our focus is on empowering you at every step, resulting in the positive feedback that drives us.

Let Us Guide You: Explore our  reviews to see the difference we make. We're ready to help you embrace your new name with the same dedication we show every customer.

DIY Deed Polls vs. Professional Service:  Weighing Risks vs. Confidence

Changing your name is a significant decision, and it's understandable to consider all options, including attempting to create your own Deed Poll. However, navigating the complexities of UK name change law and ensuring your document is flawless can be a daunting task.

Let's explore the pros and cons of each approach:

DIY Deed Polls: The Illusion of Savings

Potential Cost:

While a DIY Deed Poll may seem cheaper initially, hidden costs often emerge. Errors in drafting could lead to rejection, requiring you to pay for revisions or even a whole new Deed Poll.

Time Investment: Researching legal requirements, finding suitable templates, and ensuring accuracy consumes valuable time.

Risk of Mistakes: Even a seemingly minor error can render your Deed Poll invalid, causing delays and frustration when updating your records.

Lack of Support: You're on your own when it comes to witnessing procedures and understanding which organisations to notify.

Professional Deed Poll Services:  Expertise that Pays Off

Guaranteed Acceptance:

Services like Deed Polls Online have in-depth knowledge of UK name change laws, meticulously drafting your Deed Poll to meet all requirements.

Stress Reduction: Knowing your Deed Poll is error-free provides immense peace of mind.

Efficiency: Your Deed Poll is prepared quickly, allowing you to start the update process sooner.

Comprehensive Guidance: Most services provide clear instructions on witnessing, who to notify, and even sample letters to streamline the process.

When DIY Goes Wrong

Rejection by Essential Organisations:

he DVLA, HM Passport Office, banks, and others won't accept flawed Deed Polls.

Delayed Name Change:
Correcting errors creates setbacks in your journey to embrace your new identity.

Wasted Effort: The time and money you spent trying to save money ends up being wasted on a rejected document.

Change your name in 3 Steps

Step 1. Apply Online
1. Apply Online
Apply online using our . Its quick, simple, secure and only takes 3 minutes to complete.
Step 2 . Receive & Witness
2 . Receive & Witness
Receive your Deed Poll within 1 - 2 days, along with our easy to follow guides, that show you how to witness you Deed Poll.
Step 3. Notify Everyone
3. Notify Everyone
Follow our guide on who to Notify, and use our Example cover letter to send out your Deed Poll & Certified Copies.
Legally change your name today by Deed Poll
Legally change your name
today by Deed Poll
To legally change your name by Deed Poll, all you need to do is click on the button below, spend 3 minutes completing our secure checkout and that's it, you will receive everything withing 1 - 2 days.

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Compare our Services

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Other Deed Poll Companies
(Compared Against The Top 5 Deed Poll Providers)
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Receive By Post Within 5 -10 Working Days
Automated Systems
Complex & Confusing Guides
No Guarantee
Additional Cost Of £9
£35 – £40 For A Drafted Deed Poll
£9 - £25 Per Additional Deed Poll Copy
Receive Within 1 - 3 Working Days
Hand Drafted Deed Poll
Easy To Follow Guide & Documentation
Guaranteed Acceptance
Cover Letter Included
Professionally Drafted Deed Poll – £18.99
*£2.00 Per Additional Certified Copy
Legally change your name today by Deed Poll
Legally change your name
today by Deed Poll
To legally change your name by Deed Poll, all you need to do is click on the button below, spend 3 minutes completing our secure checkout and that's it, you will receive everything withing 1 - 2 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Certified Copies or Duplicates?
Certified copies, also known as duplicates, are authorised replicas of your original Deed Poll. These copies are certified by a professional to be true and accurate, ensuring they carry the same legal weight as the original.

Certified copies are widely accepted by government departments, financial institutions, and all other organisations requiring proof of your name change. Opting for certified copies allows you to safeguard your original document while seamlessly updating your name across various records.
Who Can Witness My Deed Poll?
For residents of the UK, the witness to your Deed Poll does not need to be a solicitor or public notary. Any independent individual over the age of 18 can serve as a witness.

"Independent" implies that your witness cannot be a relative, partner, or someone living at the same address as you. Friends, neighbours, or colleagues are commonly chosen for this role, offering a straightforward way to validate your Deed Poll.
When Will I Receive My Deed Poll?
Upon choosing one of our Deed Poll services, your document will be professionally crafted and dispatched on the same working day.

Expect your Deed Poll, alongside any certified copies and essential documentation, to arrive within one to two working days, delivered through 1st Class Royal Mail.

Standard delivery is complimentary, while a nominal fee of £2.99 applies for 1st class delivery, ensuring prompt and efficient receipt of your Deed Poll order.
What's the Difference Between an Adult Deed Poll and a Child Deed Poll?
An Adult Deed Poll is designed for individuals aged 16 and over who wish to legally change their name in the United Kingdom. It empowers you to adopt a new name for all purposes, with the freedom to select a name that truly reflects your identity.

In contrast, a Child Deed Poll is applicable for minors under the age of 16 and requires consent from all individuals holding parental responsibility. This distinction ensures that the process is tailored to cater to both adults and children appropriately, adhering to UK legal standards.
Can I Revert to My Old Name If I Change My Mind?
Yes, reverting to your previous name is entirely possible should you change your mind. The process mirrors that of adopting a new name, where you would execute another Deed Poll to officially revert to your original name.

It’s a flexible process designed to accommodate your right to identify as you choose, both now and in the future.
What If I Want to Change My Name Again in the Future?
Changing your name again, whether reverting to your original name or selecting a new one, is straightforward with a subsequent Deed Poll.

The UK's legal framework around name changes is designed to respect personal autonomy, allowing you to change your name as many times as you wish, provided it’s not for fraudulent purposes.

Each Deed Poll issued is a legally binding document, ensuring your chosen name is recognised for all legal and personal purposes.
What's the Fastest Way to Get My Deed Poll and Start the Process?
The quickest way to receive your Deed Poll and initiate your name change is by applying through our secure online checkout. The process typically takes just a few minutes to complete.

We prioritise the speedy drafting and dispatch of your Deed Poll, ensuring it's sent out on the same working day. With 1st Class Royal Mail delivery, you can expect to receive your Deed Poll and any certified copies within one to two working days, allowing you to begin the name change process without delay.
Can I Use a Deed Poll to Change My Name on Social Media Accounts?
Yes, you can use your Deed Poll to change your name on social media accounts. While many platforms have their own internal policies for name changes, providing a copy of your Deed Poll is generally accepted as sufficient proof.

This ensures your online presence reflects your new legal name, aligning your virtual identity with your real-life documentation.
How Do I Update My Name on My Passport/Driving Licence?
To update your name on your passport or driving licence, you'll need to submit an application to the relevant authority—HM Passport Office or the DVLA, respectively—along with your original Deed Poll (or a certified copy) and any other requested documentation.
Do I Need a Solicitor to Change My Name by Deed Poll?
No, employing a solicitor is not a requirement for legally changing your name. The most efficient and cost-effective method is to apply online.

Deed Polls Online offers professional drafting of your Deed Poll at a fraction of the cost typically charged by solicitors, making it a convenient and accessible option for everyone.
How Many Certified Copies Should I Order?
When changing your name, you'll need to notify numerous record holders, requiring proof of your name change. This includes entities like HM Passport Office, the DVLA, pension companies, and utility providers.

We recommend ordering a minimum of 8-10 certified copies to ensure you have ample documentation to distribute across various organisations without delay.
Can I Use a Photocopy of My Deed Poll?
Generally, photocopies of your Deed Poll are not accepted by most record holders. They require either the original Deed Poll or a certified copy to process any name change requests.

Ensuring you have certified copies or retaining your original document is essential for a smooth transition to your new name across all necessary records.
How Long Does the Entire Name Change Process Take?
From the moment you submit your application online to the official recognition of your new name across various institutions, the timeline can vary. Typically, the preparation and dispatch of your Adult Deed Poll document are swift, with dispatch occurring within 1-2 working days post-application.

Following this, the duration to update your details with banks, governmental bodies, and other organisations depends on their individual processing times. On average, expect the complete process to unfold over several weeks, allowing for thorough updates across all necessary channels.
Is There a Central Deed Poll Office for Name Changes in the UK?
In the UK, there isn’t a centralised Deed Poll Office for general name changes undertaken through a Deed Poll. The process is private and confidential, with the onus on the individual to notify relevant parties of their new name.

However, for those seeking public record, enrolling a Deed Poll with the Royal Courts of Justice is an option, albeit not a requirement for the vast majority of name changes.
What Specific Support Do You Provide During the Name Change Process?
At Deed Polls Online, we offer comprehensive support beyond just providing a Deed Poll. Our service includes detailed guides on using your Deed Poll, witnessing it correctly, and a comprehensive list of whom you need to notify about your name change.

Our team of experienced paralegals is also available to answer any queries, ensuring you have expert guidance every step of the way. Our commitment is to make your transition as smooth and straightforward as possible
Do You Offer Any Guarantees on the Acceptance of Your Deed Polls?
Yes, we guarantee that our Deed Polls will be accepted by all UK government departments, banks, passport offices, the DVLA, and other institutions that require proof of your name change.

This guarantee is a testament to the professional and legal standard of our Deed Polls, ensuring you can confidently use our documents to officially and legally change your name across all necessary records.
Can I Order Additional Certified Copies of My Deed Poll Later?
Absolutely. We understand that your needs may evolve over time, and you might find yourself requiring more certified copies of your Deed Poll.

You can order additional certified copies at any point after your initial application, providing you with the flexibility to keep your records up to date and continue making the necessary changes with various organisations seamlessly.
What Happens if a Company or Organisation Refuses My Name Change?
It's extremely rare for a company or organisation to refuse a name change backed by a Deed Poll. However, if you encounter any difficulties, our team is here to assist.

We can provide additional support and documentation to explain the legal standing of your Deed Poll, ensuring your new name is recognised and accepted across all platforms and institutions.
Are There Any Names I'm Not Allowed to Choose?
While you have broad freedom in choosing your new name, there are a few restrictions to be aware of. You cannot select a name that could be considered offensive, includes symbols or numbers, or implies honours or titles (e.g., Sir, Lord, Lady) unless you are legally entitled to them.

Our service guides you through choosing a new name that is both personal and compliant with UK naming laws, ensuring a smooth transition to your new identity.

Who Accepts our Deed Poll's?

Our Adult, Child and Replacement Deed Polls are guaranteed by us to be accepted everywhere.
With each service you receive a guide that includes all of the details you need on who to notify that you have legally changed your name by Deed Poll.
Below are just a few examples of the Government organisations and generic places that accept our Deed Polls.
Save Money
UK Government
No Solicitor  Required
Free  Delivery
Passport Office
Guaranteed Acceptance
Save Money
University / Schools
No Solicitor  Required
HM Land Registry
Free  Delivery
Revenue & Customs
Guaranteed Acceptance
Insurance Company