Changing Your Name in the UK:
How Much Does It Cost and What's the Best Approach for You

Deed Poll: A Quick Overview

Deed Poll is an official document that legally binds an individual to a change of name, serving as definitive evidence of their intention to adopt a new name for all purposes. It is the cornerstone for altering one's name across various official and personal documents, including passports, driving licences, bank accounts, and more.

Opting for a name change through a Deed Poll is essential for individuals seeking to modify their name due to marriage, divorce, personal choice, or any other reason, ensuring their new identity is universally acknowledged and legally valid.The decision to change one's name is a significant step that not only affirms an individual's identity but also requires careful consideration of the associated costs and processes.

Below, we outline the key elements that influence the expenses involved in changing your name in the UK, leading to an understanding of Deed Poll costs, the nuances of undertaking a DIY Deed Poll, the implications of government fees, and the advantages of professional Deed Poll services.

Understanding Deed Poll Costs: The DIY Deed Poll Approach

Changing your name in the United Kingdom is a significant decision that comes with its own set of considerations, including the costs involved. For many, the appeal of a DIY Deed Poll lies in its perceived cost-effectiveness, as it's possible to draft and execute this legal document without any initial financial outlay. However, understanding the intricacies of this approach is crucial to ensure a smooth and legally valid name change process.

Crafting a DIY Deed Poll: The Essentials

A Deed Poll is a legal document that officially recognises a person's change of name. While solicitors or professional services can draft this document for a fee, it's entirely feasible to create your own Deed Poll. This DIY route can be appealing for its low upfront cost, but it requires careful attention to detail to ensure the document meets all legal requirements.

Key Considerations for a DIY Deed Poll:

Wording and Execution:

The language used in your Deed Poll must be precise, clearly stating your relinquishment of your former name and your commitment to using your new name at all times. The document must be correctly executed, meaning it should be signed by you and witnessed by two individuals who are not related to you. The role of the witnesses is to attest to your identity and the voluntary nature of your name change.

Legal Recognition:

For your new name to be legally recognised, the Deed Poll must be accepted by organisations such as the Passport Office, DVLA, banks, and other institutions. A correctly drafted and executed Deed Poll will generally be accepted, but errors or omissions in the document can lead to delays and potential rejection.

Potential Costs:

While drafting the Deed Poll itself incurs no fee, there are associated costs that you may encounter:

Recorded Delivery:

To ensure the safe and confirmed delivery of your Deed Poll to various institutions for the update of your records, you might opt for recorded or special delivery. This service, while offering peace of mind, comes at a cost, varying depending on the provider and level of service chosen.

Correction and Resubmission:

If your DIY Deed Poll is not accepted due to incorrect wording or execution errors, you may face delays. In some cases, you'll need to redraft and resend the document, incurring additional postage costs. Furthermore, if you're under a time constraint (for example, if you need your passport updated urgently), these delays can be more than just an inconvenience.
"Sometimes the DIY route ends up being the most expensive. Save time and reduce stress with a professionally prepared deed poll."

The Bottom Line:

Opting for a DIY Deed Poll is a viable route for changing your name, offering a sense of accomplishment and control over the process. However, the importance of getting it right cannot be overstated. Mistakes in the drafting or execution of your Deed Poll can lead to unforeseen delays and additional expenses. It's essential to weigh these factors carefully, considering both the immediate and potential long-term costs, to determine if this route truly aligns with your needs and circumstances.

At Deed Polls Online, we understand that while some may choose the DIY route for their Deed Poll, the process can seem daunting, especially when ensuring that every detail meets the necessary legal criteria. That's where our professional services come into play, offering an extensive array of resources and expert assistance. Our aim is to streamline your name change process, making it as smooth and efficient as possible.

We take pride in guiding you through each step, ensuring that your Deed Poll is correctly drafted and executed to meet all legal standards. This not only provides peace of mind but also saves time and potential costs associated with delays or the need to resubmit documents. By choosing Deed Polls Online, you're selecting a partner dedicated to making your name change journey straightforward and hassle-free.

Understanding Deed Poll Costs: Government Forms and Enrolment Fees

When considering changing your name in the United Kingdom, it's important to understand the various options available to you, including the process of enrolling a deed poll through official government channels. Enrolling a deed poll provides your name change with a greater degree of legal recognition and weight, a route many choose to ensure their new name is formally recorded in the public record.

This detailed guide aims to offer an in-depth understanding of government form costs associated with enrolling a deed poll, ensuring you are well-informed about this particular aspect of the name change process.

The Official Government Fee for Enrolling a Deed Poll

As of the latest update, the official fee for enrolling a deed poll with the UK Government stands at £48.32. This fee is pivotal in the process, covering the cost of officially registering your name change in the public records held by the Royal Courts of Justice. It's crucial to note that this fee is subject to change, so it's always a good idea to check the most current fee before proceeding.

Why Enrol Your Deed Poll?

Enrolling your deed poll serves as a public declaration of your name change, adding an extra layer of formal recognition. While not mandatory for everyone, this step is particularly beneficial in certain circumstances, such as when you wish to ensure there is an official public record of your name change.

This can be especially important in legal matters or for personal reasons of legitimacy and recognition.

Legal Recognition:

Enrolling your deed poll officially documents your name change in the Enrolment Books of the Supreme Court of Judicature, making it a matter of public record.

Permanence and Security:

Having your name change recorded officially provides a permanent record that can be useful if ever you need to prove the continuity of your identity over time.

Peace of Mind:

For those who desire the utmost in legal backing and formal recognition for their new name, enrolment offers a sense of finality and official sanction.

The Enrolment Process:

What to ExpectThe process of enrolling a deed poll involves several steps, beginning with the preparation of your deed poll document, which must adhere to specific legal requirements. Once your document is prepared, you'll need to submit it along with the enrolment fee of £48.32 and any required supporting documents to the Royal Courts of Justice.

After submission, your application will be reviewed. If everything is in order, your name change will be recorded in the Enrolment Books of the Supreme Court of Judicature and published in The London Gazette, an official public record. This publication serves as formal notice of your name change to the public.
"Enrol your deed poll for a permanent, publicly recognised record of your new name."

Considerations Before Enrolling

Cost vs Benefit:

Assess whether the added legal weight and public record of your name change are worth the enrolment fee for your personal circumstances.


The enrolment process can take several weeks, so plan accordingly, especially if you need your name change to be officially recognised by a certain date.


Ensure all your documents are correctly prepared and that you have all necessary supporting documents ready to avoid any delays.

At Deed Polls Online, we're dedicated to providing you with a seamless and professionally guided experience throughout your deed poll journey, especially when it comes to preparing your deed poll for enrolment. We understand the importance of ensuring your documents adhere to all the required standards, and we're here to make sure your path to officially changing your name is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Knowing the ins and outs of the costs and processes involved in enrolling a deed poll is crucial for anyone looking to change their name. This is where our team steps in to offer our expertise and support, guiding you through each step with precision and care. With Deed Polls Online by your side, you can confidently navigate the enrolment process, assured in the knowledge that your new name will be recognised with the highest degree of legal validity.

Understanding Deed Poll Costs: The Value of Professional Deed Poll Services

Navigating the process of changing your name in the United Kingdom can be both an exciting and daunting prospect. Among the various options available, professional deed poll services stand out for their convenience, efficiency, and reliability. Deed Polls Online, a leading provider in this domain, offers a streamlined and user-friendly experience, making the name change process as straightforward as possible.

This detailed guide explores the costs associated with professional deed poll services, highlighting the benefits and what you can expect when opting for a service like Deed Polls Online.

The Advantages of Choosing Professional Deed Poll Services

Opting for a professional deed poll service provides a multitude of benefits, designed to alleviate the stress and complexity often associated with legal document processing. Here’s what sets professional services apart:

Expert Guidance:

Navigating legal terminology and ensuring your deed poll is correctly formatted can be challenging. Professional services offer expert advice, ensuring your document meets all legal requirements.


DIY approaches require significant research and understanding of legal stipulations. Professional services streamline this process, handling the complexities on your behalf.

Increased Acceptance Rate:

Documents prepared by professionals are less likely to be rejected by institutions, thanks to their compliance with all required standards.

Pricing and What’s Included

Deed Polls Online offers competitive pricing for their services, with packages starting from as little as £35.00. This cost-effective solution includes:

Drafting of the Deed Poll:

Professionally prepared documents tailored to your specific requirements.

Guidance on Witnesses:

Advice on who can serve as a witness to your deed poll, ensuring the process is valid and legally binding.

Instructions for Use:

Comprehensive guidance on how to use your deed poll to update records across various institutions, from your passport and driving licence to bank accounts and utility bills.

Speeding Up the Process

One of the primary advantages of opting for a professional deed poll service is the speed at which your name change can be implemented. Deed Polls Online prioritises efficiency, ensuring that your deed poll is prepared, reviewed, and dispatched promptly. This swift turnaround is particularly beneficial for those requiring their new name to be officially recognised within a tight timeframe.

Ensuring Legal Compliance

The preparation of a deed poll demands precise adherence to legal standards. Professional services guarantee that your deed poll complies with these requirements, providing peace of mind and significantly reducing the risk of document rejection. Deed Polls Online stays abreast of any changes in legal requirements, ensuring your deed poll is always in line with current regulations.
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Opting for a professional deed poll service, such as what we offer here at Deed Polls Online, is a decision that many find invaluable when looking to change their names efficiently and without any unnecessary complications. With our prices starting from just £35.00, we provide exceptional value for money, coupled with the assurance that your name change is managed with the utmost level of professionalism and meticulous attention to detail.

At Deed Polls Online, we are dedicated to making the process of changing your name due to marriage, divorce, or any other personal reason as accessible, straightforward, and quick as possible. We ensure that you can start using your new name at the earliest opportunity, embracing your new identity with confidence and ease.

Factors Affecting Your Name Change Costs

Under the heading of factors affecting the cost of changing your name, one might not immediately consider age to be a significant factor, given that the fees for changing a child's name are identical to those for an adult. However, the complexity of the process when it involves a minor introduces a layer of intricacy that, while not directly affecting the base cost, could influence the overall expenses and effort required.

Understanding the Potential Additional Costs of Changing a Child's Name

Changing a child's name in the United Kingdom requires a careful approach to ensure the process is legally compliant and reflects the best interest of the child. Unlike adults, who can independently decide to change their names, the decision to change a child's name involves obtaining consent from all parties who have parental responsibility. This requirement is designed to protect the child's rights and ensure that the name change is agreed upon by those legally responsible for their welfare.

Consent from All with Parental Responsibility

One of the key factors that can complicate the process of changing a child's name is the necessity to obtain consent from every individual who has parental responsibility. This generally includes both parents but can also extend to other family members or legal guardians, depending on the child's living arrangements and family situation. In cases where one parent or guardian is not in agreement, or their whereabouts are unknown, obtaining consent can become challenging and may require legal intervention.

The Role of Court OrdersIn situations where consent from all parties with parental responsibility cannot be voluntarily obtained, it may be necessary to seek a court order to proceed with the name change. Applying for and obtaining a court order involves additional legal processes, including potentially seeking the advice and services of a solicitor, which can incur further costs.

Although the fee for the deed poll itself remains the same, the legal expenses associated with obtaining a court order can significantly increase the overall cost of changing a child's name.
"Changing your child's name in the UK? Understand the costs beyond the deed poll."

Fees Remain the Same

Despite these complexities, it's important to note that the direct costs associated with executing a deed poll for a child — the official documents and the process itself — are the same as for an adult. The standard fee for enrolling a deed poll or the cost of a professional deed poll service does not vary with the age of the person changing their name. However, the potential legal expenses involved in securing the necessary consents or a court order can add an additional financial layer to the process.

While the base fee for changing a child's name through a deed poll mirrors that of an adult, the requirement for parental consent or, in some cases, a court order introduces a potential for additional complexity and cost. It's essential for those considering changing a child's name to be aware of these requirements and to factor in the possibility of extra legal expenses when planning for the name change process.

The Cost of a Replacement Deed Poll

Navigating the journey of changing your name is a significant undertaking, and your Deed Poll is the cornerstone of this process, serving as the legal document that recognises and authorises your new name. However, life is unpredictable, and there may be instances where your original Deed Poll is misplaced or damaged. Understanding the implications and solutions for such a scenario is crucial, especially when it comes to obtaining a replacement Deed Poll.

At Deed Polls Online, we stand out for our transparent and customer-friendly approach, particularly when it comes to the cost of replacement Deed Polls. Recognising the importance of this document in your life, we are committed to ensuring that obtaining a replacement is as straightforward and affordable as the process of acquiring the original.

Unlike many providers who may charge a premium for replacement documents, we maintain our commitment to affordability and accessibility by offering Replacement Deed Polls from just £35.00, the same price as a new application.

Transparent Pricing for Replacement Deed Polls

Our approach to pricing for Replacement Deed Polls is clear and straightforward: we offer them at the same price as a new Deed Poll, starting from £35.00. This policy is a testament to our commitment to providing accessible and affordable services to those undergoing the name change process. We understand the importance of your Deed Poll in affirming and legalising your new identity, and we believe that accessing a replacement should not come at a premium cost.

Why Our Replacement Deed Poll Cost is Competitive:

Equal Pricing:

Unlike many other providers who might charge additional fees for replacement documents, we ensure our pricing remains consistent, whether you're applying for a new Deed Poll or need a replacement. This approach helps to simplify the process and keep costs predictable for our clients.

No Hidden Charges:

Our pricing structure is transparent, with no hidden fees or unexpected costs. The price of £35.00 covers the full replacement service, providing peace of mind and financial clarity.

Quality Service at No Extra Cost:

Opting for a replacement Deed Poll through Deed Polls Online means you'll receive the same high-quality service and support as with your original application, without any additional charges.
"Need a replacement deed poll?  We offer the same quality and pricing as your original."

The Value of a Replacement Deed Poll

Having a valid Deed Poll is crucial for ensuring your new name is recognised across all legal and personal documents. A Replacement Deed Poll serves the same legal function as the original, enabling you to update your identification and records without interruption. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has access to this essential document at a reasonable cost, regardless of their circumstances.

At Deed Polls Online, we are dedicated to supporting you throughout your name change journey, including providing affordable solutions for when life's unpredictabilities occur. Our Replacement Deed Poll service, priced equally to our new Deed Poll applications, is a reflection of our commitment to fairness, accessibility, and customer satisfaction. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to affirm their identity without facing prohibitive costs, and our pricing policy for Replacement Deed Polls stands as a cornerstone of this belief.

The Financial Implications of Enrolling Your Deed Poll

When navigating the path to officially change your name in the United Kingdom, one significant step you might consider is enrolling your Deed Poll with the Royal Courts of Justice.

This process not only imbues your name change with the highest level of legal recognition but also affects the overall cost of changing your name. Understanding the nuances of enrolling your Deed Poll, including the financial implications, is essential for anyone considering this additional step to solidify their new identity.

Enrolling a Deed Poll involves submitting your document to the Royal Courts of Justice, a procedure that provides an official and public record of your name change.

While this step is optional for most individuals, it is highly recommended for those seeking the utmost in legal assurance and public acknowledgment of their new name. However, it's important to be aware of the associated costs, which contribute to the overall expenses of changing your name.

The Cost of Enrolment

The process of enrolling your Deed Poll incurs a government fee, which is separate from any costs associated with the creation and certification of your Deed Poll document itself. This fee covers the administrative costs of processing your enrolment and officially recording your name change in the public register.

While the cost of enrolling your Deed Poll can vary over time due to changes in government pricing policies, it represents an additional financial consideration in the name change process.

Why Enrol Your Deed Poll?

Enrolling your Deed Poll offers several benefits, including:

Legal Recognition

Enrolment provides undeniable legal evidence of your name change, useful in any legal disputes or when unequivocal proof of identity is required.

Public Record:

Your name change becomes a matter of public record, adding an extra layer of formality and recognition to the process.

Considering the Costs

Before deciding to enrol your Deed Poll, it's crucial to weigh the benefits against the costs. For many, the added legal security and formal acknowledgment of their new name justify the enrolment fee. However, for others, particularly those who may not require this level of legal recognition or are managing a tight budget, it's essential to consider whether this step is necessary.
"Considering deed poll enrolment? Know the cost and process for your UK name change."

Budgeting for Enrolment

If you decide that enrolling your Deed Poll is the right choice for you, planning for the associated costs will be an important part of your budgeting process. Including this expense in your overall budget for changing your name ensures that you are fully prepared for all financial aspects of the process, avoiding any unexpected surprises.


The decision to enrol your Deed Poll with the Royal Courts of Justice is a personal one, influenced by your specific needs and circumstances. While it adds an additional cost to the process of changing your name, the benefits of having your new name officially recognised and recorded can be invaluable for some. As you navigate the journey of changing your name, carefully considering the costs and benefits of enrolment will help you make informed decisions that best suit your situation and financial constraints.