Okay so what are the different options

There are five different options when changing your name, the easiest and quickest option if you want to change your name to anything is to use a Deed Poll (Change of Name Deed).

See the following options below, and the documents that you will need to have in order to Change your Name.

By Deed Poll ( Change of Name Deed )

If you are making any other changes to your name, in ways that are not listed in any of the methods below, you will need to provide a Deed Poll as evidence that you have changed your name.

For example if you want to make any change to your name however major or minor then this is the easiest way to do it. As long as you follow our rules on what restrictions apply to what you can change your name too, then your Deed Poll should be accepted everywhere.

Rules and Restrictions when Changing your Name (What can I Change my Name to?)

Civil Partnership - Use your Civil Partnership Certificate

If you are using the Traditional method of taking your Partners surname or using a Double Barrelled name including that of your Partner, then the various companies and organisations will accept your Civil Partnership certificate as legally binding evidence that you have changed your name.

After Divorce - Use your Decree Absolute

IF you are Divorced from your previous partner  and are looking to revert your name from your married name to your maiden name, then you can use your Decree Absolute as evidence for your change of name
Dissolution of a Civil Partnership - Use a Dissolution Certificate

Once you have separated from your partner, you can revert to your former name. The only document you will need to prove this is your Dissolution Certificate.

Marriage - Use a Marriage Certificate

The HM Passport office will only need your Marriage Certificate as documented evidence that your Surname or Double-Barrelled surname has been changed