What is the average price of a Deed Poll?

The cost of changing your name can vary. Whilst making a deed poll is free if you choose to create your own deed poll (which can be a task in itself), it does involve creating your own document and wording and sending this on to the correct Governmental department; this is both time-consuming and, unless you’re sending by recorded delivery, can be subject to delays or even deed polls that seemingly never arrive.

Alternatively you may choose to use the official governmental forms, rather than create your own deed poll.
In this event, the Government fee would be £36.

A note upon Child Deed Polls

Child Deed polls are more complex than adult deed polls, and in order to change the name of a person who is under the age of 18, you must:

- Have the agreement of everyone who holds parental responsibility; OR

- Hold a court order.

Similarly to adult deed polls, child deed polls cost £36 when using the governmental forms.

Deed poll services cost

Online Deed poll services provide for a modern, streamlined and super easy way to change your name online – simple, quick and stress-free.

This completely negates the need for factoring in solicitors’ fees (which many consider to be a necessary service in order to ensure that their application is correct).

The Deed Poll service provided by industry leader Deed Polls Online offers applications priced from just £18.99.

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Deed polls: Frequently Asked Questions

How long will changing my name take?

When choosing to use a deed poll service such as Deed Polls Online, you can look forward to a process that is completed within 1 to 2 days.

However if you handle the name change yourself you must factor in the possibility of chasing the governmental department up, as well as sending your documents by recorded delivery. In all, without professional (and legally qualified) help, the timescales can vary.

How much does a replacement deed poll cost?

Ordering a replacement deed poll through Deed Polls Online has the same cost of changing your name - £18.99.

Read more about replacement Deed Polls

Who will accept my new Deed Poll?

Bodies that will require a Deed Poll before they can change your name, include:

- The UK Government;
- The DVLA;
- The Passport Office;
- Banks.