What makes someone a Notary Public?

To be a Notary Public they must have certain legal qualifications in order to practice as a Notary. This is usually when they are a Qualified Solicitor or have been in the past.

There are specific notary examinations and qualifications to ensure that any individual is sufficiently qualified so that they can be sure when they approve / certify a Deed Poll they are certain that everything is correct and Legitimate.

Can I just use a Solicitor then?

If you only need your Deed Poll to be certified within the United Kingdom then you can use a Solicitor, but if you need your Deed Poll certified for use in another Country then you must use a Notary Public.

How much does it cost?

Solicitor Certified Deed Poll Cost

For a  qualified Solicitor to Certify your Deed Poll for use within the UK this usually costs between £15-25 for a Deed Poll and any additional copies you want certified.

I would suggest that a cheaper alternative is to use one of the many Deed Poll companies within the UK to do your Deed Poll for you, as there is no need for a Solicitor to Certify your Deed Poll in the UK as it is not a legal requirement. The only reason people do is just for a bit of extra piece of mind, but in my opinion it is an unnecessary expense.

Public Notary Certified Deed Poll Cost

For a Qualified Notary Public to certify your Deed Poll it costs between £40 - £50.

To find a UK based Notary Public close to you, use the following online search tool -

The Notaries Society