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Do I have to register my new name anywhere?

Understanding the Registration Process for Your New Name via Deed Poll

When it comes to changing your name via Deed Poll in the UK, a common question that arises is: "Do I need to register my new name anywhere?"

The straightforward answer is, there is no compulsory registration process for your Deed Poll.

The Historical Context of Enrolling a Deed Poll

Historically, individuals had the option to enrol their Deed Poll in the Enrolment Books of the Supreme Court of Judicature. This practice, however, was more a tradition than a legal necessity. Enrolment would lead to the change of name being noted in the London or Belfast Gazette, serving mainly as a public record.

Additionally, this process provided a secured copy for safekeeping. However, it's crucial to understand that enrolling your Deed Poll does not enhance its legal effect or increase the likelihood of its acceptance.

The Implications and Costs of Enrolling a Deed Poll

Enrolling your Deed Poll is not only an unnecessary step but also incurs additional costs and time, without offering clear legal benefits. If, for personal reasons, you choose to enrol your Deed Poll, you can do so, but it's essential to weigh the lack of tangible advantages against the expense and effort involved.

For information on enrolling your Deed Poll, you can refer to Enrol your Deed Poll.

Dispelling Misconceptions About Registration Offices

There is a misconception about the existence of an official 'Deed Poll Office' for the registration of name changes. In reality, apart from the Supreme Court, there is no such official place for registering your Change of Name Deed. Be cautious of companies claiming to offer registration services for your Deed Poll – such claims are often misleading or false.

Professional Deed Poll Services: A Convenient Option

Many companies offer professional Deed Poll drafting services, which are legally valid and certified by them. These services can significantly simplify the name-changing process, providing you with a legally recognised Deed Poll and, if required, additional copies (at extra cost). Choosing such a service can alleviate the stress and complexity involved in changing your name.

Unenrolled Deed Polls: Our Commitment to Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

At Deed Polls Online, we take pride in offering unenrolled Deed Polls as a streamlined, effective solution for legally changing your name. As the UK's largest provider, our reputation is built on efficiency, reliability, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

We understand the importance of a hassle-free name change process, which is why our unenrolled Deed Polls are professionally drafted and customised to meet the unique requirements of each individual.One of the main benefits of choosing our unenrolled Deed Poll service lies in its simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

Unlike the enrolled Deed Polls, which require a complex and often expensive process of being officially recorded at a court, our unenrolled Deed Polls eliminate these unnecessary steps. This approach not only saves you money but also accelerates the process, making it a popular choice among those looking to change their names.

Despite the lack of enrolment, rest assured that our Deed Polls are fully legal and accepted by major organisations, including banks, the Passport Office, and the DVLA.Our position as a leader in the Deed Poll service industry is a testament to our dedication to quality and superior customer service.

The Deed Polls we issue are widely recognised and accepted throughout the UK, providing a reliable and trusted solution for anyone wishing to legally change their name. This established reputation, coupled with the ease of obtaining an unenrolled Deed Poll from us, presents a compelling option for individuals desiring a name change without the complications of public records or additional administrative hurdles.

Choosing Deed Polls Online means opting for a service that is straightforward, easily accessible, and supported by a proven track record of excellence. We are here to guide you through every step of the name change process, ensuring a smooth transition to your new identity with minimal fuss.


In summary, while enrolling your Deed Poll is an option, it is not a requirement and does not offer any legal advantage. The decision to use professional Deed Poll services depends on your preference for convenience and support during the process. Ultimately, the key takeaway is that the act of changing your name via Deed Poll in itself is legally binding and sufficient, without the need for an additional registration process.

How much does it cost to Enrol a Deed Poll?

Is there not an Official Deed Poll Office that I need to register my Deed Poll at?

I can confirm that there is no place other than the supreme court at which you can register your Change of name Deed. If a company offers the option to register your Change of name deed they are simply not legitimate or are making false claims.

Do not be mistaken

Although do not be mistaken by one of the many Deed Poll companies out there that will provide you will a professionally drafted Deed Poll that is certified by themselves. Many of these companies provide an excellent service and take the pain our of Changing your name by Deed Poll.

These companies provide you with a Legal Deed Poll and duplicate copies ( At an additional expense ) that take the stress and pain out of changing your name.