How much does it cost to Enrol a Deed Poll?

If you do feel the need to enrol your Deed Poll, which we advise against doing, purely for that it provides no clear benefits and costs you both time and money. If you do want to Enrol  your Deed Poll just use the following link -

Enroll your Deed Poll

Is there not an Official Deed Poll Office that I need to register my Deed Poll at?

I can confirm that there is no place other than the supreme court at which you can register your Change of name Deed. If a company offers the option to register your Change of name deed they are simply not legitimate or are making false claims.

Do not be mistaken

Although do not be mistaken by one of the many Deed Poll companies out there that will provide you will a professionally drafted Deed Poll that is certified by themselves. Many of these companies provide an excellent service and take the pain our of Changing your name by Deed Poll.

These companies provide you with a Legal Deed Poll and duplicate copies ( At an additional expense ) that take the stress and pain out of changing your name.