In the section below you can see a list of name types that will not be accepted and a list of name types that we advise you not to use, we would class these as high risk names ( The chance of your Deed Poll being rejected will increase by as much as 90% ).

Names that will not be Accepted

-  A name that doesn't include at least one Forename or Surname  - e.g. Mr Joe
-  Cannot be pronounced  -  e.g. Mrs Gyhhvennnnhackleyxza Jones
-  Includes Symbols or Numbers  -  e.g. Mr Jonny7 money$
-  Includes punctuation marks other than apostrophes or hyphens
-  Promotes Criminal Activities
-  Promotes hatred, be it racial, religious or discrimination
-  Promotes the use of illegal substances, i.e. Drugs
-  Makes others think that you have been given an Honour, be it one such as Lord, Lady, Duke or one such as Dr, Professor ( Unless you can provide evidence of this )

Names that we advise against using - High Risk Names

-  Is very long
-  Is hard to read
-  Cannot be pronounced or is in comprehensible ( Imagine being asked to pronounce and spell out your name every time you give it to someone, the word nightmare springs to mind )
-  Is Offensive, Vulgar or blasphemous
-  Is for Commercial reasons, advertising or marketing
-  Is Copyrighted or Trademarked  -  e.g. Mr Apple Mac
-  Is a phrase or saying that is not normally associated with being a name  -  e.g. Thank You or well done
The HM Passport office has its own set or restrictions that will feature almost all of the above restrictions so its highly recommended that you read all the above restrictions carefully to make sure you comply with them.

There is a reason that the above restrictions are in place. This is because if you ignore any of these there is an almost certainty that your new name will not be accepted, and it will mainly be the most important people that you have to notify who will reject your Deed Poll, these would include -

- HM Passport Office
- DVLA (Driving License Agency)
- Banks
- Schools / Colleges / University's
- Doctors / Dentists
- Government agencies

Since the above are just a handful that won't accept your new name if you follow the restrictions when choosing your new name. We Strongly advice that you do as it will simply be a waste of your time and money to create a Deed Poll as it will not be accepted.