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Child Deed Poll Service

Child Deed Poll Service

Legally change your Child's Name by Deed Poll (change of name Deed)
To Legally change your Childs's name by Deed Poll (change of name deed) all you need to do is complete our simple and .

Once completed you will receive both e-mail and text message notifications on the progress of your order. Your Child's Deed Poll and Certified copies will be professionally drafted, and posted to you along with our easy to follow guides.

You will receive your order within 1-2 working days.
Child Deed Poll Service
4.97 Average Rating
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Elaine Andrews
Purchased two child deed polls and certified copies just incase for my two children, was easy to order, came quickly and im really impressed with the quality, oh also best price i could find, all in all very pleased :D
Daniel Michaels
Very happy with everything really, was recommended by my father who used the same company. My sisters have now used this aswell.
Maggie Smith
Very easy to order, used my iPad, service was very quick and professional, I would certainly use them again, also support were very friendly.
Kimberly Park
Absolutely fantastic, now have a new name and a fresh start, was accepted by the Dvla and updated my passport, very chuffed.
Marcus Tillwearin
Contacted Deedpolls online, spoke with one of their team, talked me through how it all worked, ordered, received 2 days later, very impressed as didn't have to pay postage!
Mandy Apperly White
Fast and efficient, was updated every step of the way, Thank you.
Alexia Newfield
Really impressed with the level of service i received. Questions were answered promptly, i had updates when my Deed Poll was drafted, when it was sent out, so was more than happy to leave a review.
Jessica Watkins
Ordered their adult deed poll service and a decent amount of certified copies. Arrived the next day which was perfect, and they have been accepted everywhere i've tried, including my local bank (HSBC).
What is an Child Deed Poll?

What is a Child Deed Poll?

A Child Deed Poll is a legally binding document that provides you with Legal documentary evidence that you have changed your  child's name.
Both a Child Deed Poll and any Certified copies are legally binding documents that provide evidence that you have changed your child's name and have the parental responsibility to do so.

By using our Child Deed Poll Service, you not only save time and money, but you can rest assured that your Deed Poll will be accepted by every Government organisation, including the Passport Office, DVLA, Banks, Schools and Building Society's.
Parental Responsibility

Parental Responsibility

To legally change your child’s name by Deed Poll you need to have full parental responsibility.
In the United Kingdom, the mother of the child automatically has parental responsibility, but whether or not the father has parental responsibility as well can be a more complicated matter.  
To change your child’s name by Deed Poll (Change of Name Deed) you need to make sure that you have parental responsibility.

For example if both the child’s mother and father have parental responsibility, they both need to agree on the change of name. Otherwise your child’s Deed Poll will be invalid.  

You can select who has parental responsibility when you Apply Online and our team of experienced paralegals will draft your Child's Deed Poll, Certified Copies, and other documents accordingly.
Parental Responsibility
Who has parental responsibility?

Who has parental responsibility?

When a married couple have a child together, they both have parental responsibility.
Even if the couple get divorced, their parental responsibility continues. Both parents have the right to be involved in any decisions that are made for their child, which includes changing their child’s name by Deed Poll (Change of Name Deed).  

In the United Kingdom if the parents are not married, then the mother automatically have parental responsibility, but the father will only have parental responsibility if any of the following happen:  

- His name has been registered on the child’s birth certificate.  
- He decides to marry the child’s mother  
- Both Parents sign a parental responsibility agreement.  
- He receives a parental responsibility order from the courts  
- He applies for and receives a residence order from the courts
- He becomes the child’s legal guardian.
Certified Copies

Certified Copies

What is a Certified Copy and how many Certified
Copies do I need to Order?
A Certified Copy of your child's Deed Poll is a copy, which we have certified as being a genuine copy of the Original Child Deed Poll that has been hand drafted by our experienced Paralegals.

We draft and certify each copy so that whoever you send your certified copy to will know that it is genuine and legal. 

We recommend that you purchase at least 8 - 10 certified copies as it allows you to notify several companies and organisations of your change of name at the same time.
Certified Copies
Professionally Drafted
Professionally Drafted
Compare our Services
Compare our Services
To legally change your Child's name by Deed Poll, all you need to do is click on the button below, spend 3 minutes completing our secure checkout and that's it, you will receive everything withing 1 - 2 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are certified copies / duplicates?
Certified legal copies, also known as duplicates, are copies of your child's original deed poll that have been certified as an original by a qualified paralegal.

A certified copy will be accepted as an original by government departments, financial institutions and all other record holders that need proof of your child's name change.
Who can act as a witness for my child's deed poll?
If you are British and you live in the UK then you do not need a solicitor or public notary to act as witness to your deed poll. You can choose anyone who is over the age of 18 and independent of you.

The term independent means your witness cannot be a relative, partner or someone who lives at the same address as you. It's often the case that people ask friends, neighbours or work colleagues to act as a witness when they sign their deed poll.
When will I receive my child's deed poll?
If you order one of our Deed Poll Services, it will be professionally drafted and dispatched the same working day.

You should expect to receive your deed poll, certified copies and all supporting documentation within one to two working days via 1st Class Royal Mail delivery.

Standard Delivery is Free of charge. For 1st class deliver there is a small fee of £1.99.
Do I need a solicitor to change my child's name by deed poll?
No, you do not need to use a solicitor in order to legally change your name.

The quickest, and easiest, way to do it is online. It’s also an inexpensive option because Deed Polls Online will professionally draft a deed poll for a fraction of the fee charged by a solicitor.
How many certified copies should I order?
When you change your name you will need to notify all record holders.

This will mean providing proof of your name change to organisations and authorities such as HM Passport Office, the DVLA, pension companies and utility companies.

If you know you need to contact a high number of record holders then it’s advisable to order more than our recommended minimum of 8 - 10.
Can I use a photocopy of my deed poll?
The vast majority of record holders will not accept a photocopy of your child's deed poll. They will require either your original deed poll or a certified copy.

Change your Childs name in 3 Steps

Step 1. Apply Online
1. Apply Online
using our Secure Checkout. Its quick, simple, secure and only takes 3 minutes to complete.
Step 2 . Receive & Witness
2 . Receive & Witness
Receive your Child's Deed Poll within 1 - 2 days, along with our easy to follow guides, that show you how to witness you Deed Poll.
Step 3. Notify Everyone
3. Notify Everyone
Follow our guide on who to Notify, and use our Example cover letter to send out your Deed Poll & Certified Copies.
Legally change your Child's name today by Deed Poll
To legally change your Child's name by Deed Poll, all you need to do is click on the button below, spend 3 minutes completing our secure checkout and that's it, you will receive everything withing 1 - 2 days.

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Receive By Post Within 5 -10 Working Days
Automated Systems
Complex & Confusing Guides
No Guarantee
Additional Cost Of £9
£35 – £40 For A Drafted Deed Poll
£9 - £25 Per Additional Deed Poll Copy
Receive Within 1 - 3 Working Days
Hand Drafted Deed Poll
Easy To Follow Guide & Documentation
Guaranteed Acceptance
Cover Letter Included
Professionally Drafted Deed Poll – £18.99
*£2.00 Per Additional Certified Copy
Legally change your name today by Deed Poll
Legally change your name
today by Deed Poll
To legally change your name by Deed Poll, all you need to do is click on the button below, spend 3 minutes completing our secure checkout and that's it, you will receive everything withing 1 - 2 days.

Who Accepts our Deed Poll's?

Our Adult, Child and Replacement Deed Polls are guaranteed by us to be accepted everywhere.
With each service you receive a guide that includes all of the details you need on who to notify that you have legally changed your name by Deed Poll.
Below are just a few examples of the Government organisations and generic places that accept our Deed Polls.
Save Money
UK Government
No Solicitor  Required
Free  Delivery
Passport Office
Guaranteed Acceptance
Save Money
University / Schools
No Solicitor  Required
HM Land Registry
Free  Delivery
Revenue & Customs
Guaranteed Acceptance
Insurance Company